Holiday Makeup Look

I completely took advantage of Black Friday and loaded up on some of my favorite products (Merry Christmas to me!!...)

So I immediately started playing with all the new colors and shades, but I fully intend to wrap all the empty boxes and put them under the Christmas tree.  Treat yo self Ladies!

Let me preface that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, nor do I have one of those fancy Dive Light Rings...but, I can promise that (even though my pictures do not do these products justice) you will look amazing in this Holiday Makeup Look.  Now let's skip all the foundation and contouring nonsense, it's all about your eyes and lips for these Holiday Parties and Events. Here is a pic of the look and what I used. 


What's up with my bottom eyelashes? They apparently think it's windy inside.

So did you know, the redder the lipstick the whiter your teeth look? It's true! This is my new FAVORITE lip paint by Tarte. It looks good on everyone and in every light (day and night). The color is FRONT ROW and it is a quick dry matte lip it stays on all day AND doesn't transfer onto anything. 

I was so excited about this eyeshadow palette. Because my favorite color is SHIMMER, not to be confused with glitter...(this isn't arts and crafts). This is Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Eyeshadow palette. It doesn't matter what your eye color can use EVERY shade, and I almost did. I used Conch, Pearl, Marina and Siren. 

I finished it with So Fine Waterproof Micro Liquid Liner. And not pictured, but equally important, is Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara. (I put on about 3 coats).

Tarte costmetics is available at Ulta and Sephora. You can also head over to my store, and click on the Tarte picture and register to receive a 15% off code to shop online, plus FREE shipping on orders $25+. 

Happy Holidays!!


CLICK HERE  to register and Shop Online

CLICK HERE to register and Shop Online

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